The Real Impact of Missing School

(March 5, 2019) -- The impact of missing school is more than you might expect. For many students and parents, a 90% attendance rate represents success. After all, an "A" in academic content areas represents a high level of student understanding or the mastery of standards.

However, this is deceptive when it comes to evaluating student attendance and developing the employability skill of responsibility. Consider the data below that shows how quickly lost instructional time adds up.

A student with 90% attendance in a school year will miss 17 days, or approximately 3 weeks of learning. This rate of chronic absenteeism will result in missing 119 lessons. Every day at school is an investment in your child's future.

Since January 8, the frequency of inclement weather appears to have lowered our expectation for regular school attendance and reinforced the habit of missing school due to unverified absence or parent choice. This is problematic due to the cumulative impact of student attendance.

The arrival of daylight-saving time, parent teacher conferences, and the end of the 3rd quarter is a great time to take stock of your child's record of student attendance this semester. Let's finish the 2018-19 school year strong and enter into the spring and summer on a positive and productive note.