APR Score Highlights Progress for SJSD

(February 1, 2019) -- The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released its Annual Performance Report (APR) this week, and the St. Joseph School District’s overall score increased by nearly five percent over last year. The District scored 91.2% on the 2018 APR, earning 109.4 of 120 points possible. Areas of strength for the SJSD include social studies, college and career readiness indicators and attendance.

“For the first time, the SJSD posted a 3.1% overall improvement in attendance. This is the best performance the district has ever earned,” said Dr. Kendra Lau, Director of School Improvement. “In previous years the district has suffered a severe chronic absenteeism issue that contributes to both the academic and social success of students. Reducing chronic absenteeism is a continued focus of the district as it is critical for students' academic and postsecondary success.”

The SJSD reported a significant gain in proportional attendance rate compared to the 20 largest districts in Missouri: #17 in 2017 and #13 in 2018.

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