October Attendance Update

(November 1, 2017) – We are pleased to report a 2.6% increase in district-wide attendance through the first 51 days of the school year compared to this time last year.

Proportional attendance is included as part of the state accreditation process for K-12 schools in Missouri. Proportional attendance is the percentage of students who attending school at least 90% of the time.  Approximately 89.8% of students in the St. Joseph School District have attended school at least 90% of the time through October 31st. This is an improvement over attendance last year when 87.2% of students attended at least 90% of the time.   

Several schools saw significant improvements in October compared to the same time last year, including Lafayette (6.4%), Benton (6%), Edison (5.6%), Lake (5.5%), Skaith (5.4%), Humboldt (4.4%), Parkway (3.9%), Central (3.3%), Lindbergh (3.3%), Spring Garden (3.1%), Truman (2.7%), Pickett (2.5%), and Ellison (2.2%).  

Overall, 15 schools have proportional attendance rates at 90% or better. This is an improvement over last year when only 10 schools met that target and 2 schools had attendance rates below 80%. Great work students, parents and community! Thank you for investing in your future and making regular attendance a priority.