How to Strive for 5 All Winter Long

(January 24, 2020) -- Every winter, bad weather — snow, slush, freezing temperatures can present challenges to getting children to school. So do the colds, fevers and earaches that often come with the winter months.

MSIP 5 Proportional Attendance Update for December

(January 8, 2020) -- Proportional attendance rates from December were released earlier this week. Through December, the MSIP 5 Proportional Attendance Rate for the St. Joseph School District is 89.11%.

Attendance is down in the St. Joseph School District

The article below was originally shared on the St. Joseph News-Press.

(January 6, 2020) -- While official numbers from December 2019 have not yet been gathered, from August to November, attendance dropped by about 2 percent across the district.