Compulsory Attendance
Regular school attendance is compulsory by law (Sections 167.031, 167.033, 167.051; Section 211.031, RSMo., Supp. 1980); and by the Board of Education policy for every child between ages 7 and 17, unless the child is excepted by law (Section 167.031; Section 211.031, RSMo., Supp. 1980) and unless situations should arise over which the child or his or her parents or legal guardians have no control. Parents or guardians are required by law to cause their children between the ages of 7 and 17 to attend school regularly.

State Attendance Requirement
The Missouri requirement for school attendance is for 90% of students to be in attendance 90% of the time. Continued absences of those under 17 years of age will be handled in accordance with the law. School administrators and teachers are expected to enforce the law (Section 167.11) and Board Policy (JEA, JEC, JED, JEDB) regarding attendance.

Reporting to Local or State Authorities
The district will contact the Children's Division (CD) of the Department of Social Services or the Buchanan Country Prosecuting Attorney’s office in cases where the district has a reasonable suspicion that a student's lack of attendance constitutes educational neglect on the part of the parents or guardians or that parents or guardians are in violation of the compulsory attendance law. No such action will be taken unless other strategies and interventions have been implemented and proven ineffective. However, if a history of chronic absenteeism is prevalent, immediate action will be taken in reporting to local authorities.