According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (2017), employers seek specific personal qualities when considering job applicants. These qualities include a set of behaviors and skills that enable employees to establish effective relationships and function appropriately in the workplace.

These personal qualities include the following competencies: 
  • Demonstrates responsibility and self-discipline
  • Adapts and shows flexibility
  • Works independently
  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn
  • Demonstrates integrity
  • Demonstrates professionalism
  • Takes initiative
  • Displays positive attitude and sense of self-worth
  • Takes responsibility for professional growth

Attendance & Employability
Regular attendance in grades K-12 helps build the necessary social skills and work habits that employers require. Students can acquire these necessary competencies through regular attendance and participation in collaborative projects. When students attend school they learn how to critically think, practice effective communication, and productively navigate work-based conflict. 

Employers report that the relational competency of an employee is the greatest predictor of success on the job. Regular attendance in grades K-12 helps prepare graduates to show up and bring their best each day at work. Activities that occur throughout the K-12 years provide many benefits that include social awareness, emotional intelligence, and responsibility. Absenteeism not only diminishes academic achievement, it can also create lifelong deficits related to employability.