K-12 Student Attendance Goal
Every student should miss no more than 5 days of school during the school year. Meeting that goal in grades K-12 will support readiness for college, career and success as a young adult.

District Expectations
Once enrolled in the district, the district expects the student to attend regularly and for the student's parents/guardians or other adults having charge, control or custody of the student to communicate regularly and honestly with the district regarding the student's absences. Holding students and their parents/guardians responsible for attendance is part of the district's larger mission to train students to be productive citizens and employees. In accordance with Policy JED, district administration has developed clear and reasonable attendance standards and will consistently enforce consequences for chronic absenteeism.

District Procedures
Click here to view the K-12 attendance procedures. Click here to review board policies.

Reporting to Local or State Authorities
The district will contact the Children's Division (CD) of the Department of Social Services or the Buchanan Country Prosecuting Attorney’s office in cases where the district has a reasonable suspicion that a student's lack of attendance constitutes educational neglect on the part of the parents or guardians or that parents or guardians are in violation of the compulsory attendance law. No such action will be taken unless other strategies and interventions have been implemented and proven ineffective. However, if a history of chronic absenteeism is prevalent, immediate action will be taken in reporting to local authorities.