MSIP 5 Proportional Attendance Update for November

(December 3, 2018) -- The following schools saw significant increases in their proportional attendance in November: Pickett (1.69%) and Ellison (1.58%). Congratulations to all the students and staff from these schools as well as our other schools who maintained strong rates of school attendance.

Overall, the MSIP 5 Proportional Attendance Rate for the St. Joseph School District is 91.3% through the month of November.

Celebrating Improved Attendance in the SJSD

It's been an excellent start of #GetYourSelfieToSchool Month in the SJSD! There has been significant improvement this week across the district. Approximately 60 grade level cohorts improved their attendance rate over the past five school days (10/31 through 11/8). The 35 most improved cohorts are listed below by school.